Colin Wilcox


Volume 1 of the California Trilogy. One reviewer summed it up as: The awkward gait of love in lock-step with oncoming horror.

Volume 2 of the trilogy. The awkward gait of love in lock-step with an assassin backed by a shadowy corporation.


Coming soon. Lanie Pollard witnesses a murder, then a bomb levels half the Seattle Center. That sends Lanie on a quest to capture or kill the bomber, who happens to be the lover she'd had in college.

Volume 3 of the California Trilogy. The shadowy corporation steps into the light, and a younger set of characters risk everything to stop it from taking over the country. Coming after Modest Comfort.

Rembrandt tries to avenge his wife's murder and becomes a fumbling, hapless action hero. Coming after The Noisy Souls. One thing: This is a working title.