Colin Wilcox


Colin WilcoxColin was born in 1959 in Seattle, the sixth of seven kids. His father was a school principal, and since all educators share telepathic connections, Colin found his options for misbehavior at school rather limited.
Lafayette Elementary taught Colin to hate math and love English. Madison Jr. High taught him how to develop tongue-tied crushes on girls, and West Seattle High School gave him a love of distance running.
But high school also planted the writing seed. Colin earned top marks from the school's toughest grader, a writing teacher named Joe Devine. "I remember seeing the A on my report card and thinking, 'Hey, maybe I can write.'"
That seed waited quietly while Colin embarked on a photography career. "I made great friends and had some amazing creative experiences, but I didn't make a dime, so I headed back to school."
And the seed took root. "I found himself loving any and all writing assignments. Teachers would ask for a four-page paper and I'd turn in 13."
That led to a journalism degree from Western Washington University, a long stint in technical writing, and a boring drive that saw the birth of Sing for Me.
Colin has been happily married to the amazing Michelle since 2005, and they have two adopted kids, Thing 1 and Thing 2, who specialize in pillow fights, noise, dirt, snuggles, and Lego®-brand walking hazards.